Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dodging Poop

Well big news of the week is I just found out about an hour ago I'm transferring this week! I'll find out on Wednesday where I'm going and who my new companion will be! To be honest, I'm not really excited too much. I didn't want to leave this area but as long as I don't go up north to Tuguegarao I think it will be okay. 
Had the last district meeting of the cycle on Tuesday. After district meeting we practiced our song we were going to have to sing in district conference this last weekend. Then we went on splits for the evening since Elder Taumalolo had to go to Dupax for a baptismal interview. An hour into the work I got a text and I had to buy medicine back in Bambang and take it out to a another elder in Dupax. Went to the drug store and they didn't have the exact stuff we needed. The stuff they had there was going to cost like 7000 pesos which we don't have. We did a huge phone tree with the elder that needed it to Sister Rahlf to the area doctor then eventually back down to us at the drug store. That took forever and finally we found out what we needed to get. Go to buy as much of the medicine we could with how much money had and they told us we needed a doctor's prescription to get that medicine. So finally like an hour and a half later they tell us that and we couldn't even buy it. After that I went out to Dupax to switch back the companions since it was night time by that time. 
Wednesday was a normal day. Went to the track early in the morning and got some running in. Felt really good to finally run. Sad thing is I could barely run half as much as I used to be able to and I was already winded. All this rice is a killer. Work was pretty good. Went out to the far area and got to visit quite a few people so that was nice. Had to drop one guy. He is a member of the Iglesia church and he told us his preacher was mad at him for listening to us. The guy told us we couldn't come anymore. Totally doesn't make sense to me why people listen to that stuff. It happens to us a lot of the time. That church just takes away their agency yet there are a ton of members still! Oh well though. 
Thursday was just like Wednesday. Went to the track again but played some rugby for exercising instead. Pretty fun. The only thing is that the field we play on is also used as feed for cows so there is cow poop all over the place. Dodging the poop is almost harder than not getting tagged. We didn't have a ton of success in the work on Thrusday but we tried the best we could and ended up doing a little finding which was pretty good. The sisters didn't make it to dinner and they cooked a ton of spaghetti. Ate soooo much I felt horrible afterwards and could barely walk home! 
Friday was a pretty good day. Had a lunch appointment at the school which was really good. They make really good muffins too that you can buy so I always make sure I get some if there is any. We went on splits after lunch so I went with Elder Poulter for the day. Went to their far area and got punted then came back to Bambang and was able to get a few lessons in. We had dinner later that night at a members in branch 2. Pretty fun day. Going on splits is always pretty fun!
Saturday we had service early in the morning. Helped a person in the other Bambang branch move houses. His house was like 200 yards up a little hiking trail up the mountain. Why someone would want to build a house right there I have no idea. We moved the stuff into their new house then helped clean up their backyard. Cut down a ton of banana trees then raked up a ton of garbage they had thrown back there for years. Took so long and then we started a huge fire and burnt half of it. They brought us some pretty good pizza afterwards and then we went home and cooked up some siomai at the apartment. Then we had to go to the church and practice the song we were going to sing in district conference. District conference was pretty good. Talked all about councils and families. Super good for my branch since we never have any type of council meeting. Hopefully they will start to have the meetings now but I won't be able to stay to see. After the meeting we got letters out of President Rahlf's car. Then he gathered us all together and took Elder Iuli to the side and told us he has chosen him to be the next AP. I'm super happy for him but kinda sad cause I'm gonna miss being with him. I've gotten super close to him especially this last cycle. Maybe my new area will be up in Cauayan so we will be in the same zone. Who knows though. He was my zone leader with Elder Poulter. 
Sunday we got up in the morning and went and helped Elder Iuli take his bags to the church since he was leaving with President and Sister Rahlf after district conference was over. The conference was pretty good again and this time I had to sing with the Bambang choir. We didn't sound too great but it's all good. 
Overall it was a great week and went really fast. Kinda sad that I am leaving Bambang. I've gotten super close to quite a few of the families in the branch here. Probably will go around tomorrow and visit as many as I can to say bye then head out on Wednesday! I'm excited to get a new area also though and be able to meet new people. Everyone says the mission takes off after you transfer to your second area. I'm excited to let you know how it goes next week! Love you all and hope you have a good week!
Love Elder Haacke
This picture is with a family in the branch. They always feed us on Sundays after church. Their food is always super good!

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