Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Lock-Down

Happy New Year's everybody! Hope you all had a good party and had some good fireworks! 2015 came fast and I think 2016 is going to come even faster! Time continues to speed up here in the mission. I still tell people I am new but then when I think about it I realize I've actually been here for quite a while! This week we stayed pretty busy and had more success than we did last week so that helped with the time a lot. Here are some of the highlights of what I did this week.
On Wednesday we decided we were only going to plan to visit a few people and just go out finding near the church again. It actually turned out to be awesome. The first people we visited didn't want to listen at first and just told us they were Iglesia. After we talked to them longer they said it was okay if we shared and they really liked what we shared also so they wanted us to come back another day to continue! Definitely saw how much building trust with the investigators can make a difference! After the lesson we asked them if they knew anybody that would be interested and they gave us someone to contact. They lived close so we went to them next. It was an old nanay so we talked to her for a bit then left a pamphlet with her. Next we went to some houses close to a river near by and found a bunch of kids that we started talking to and playing with. Those kids took us to their houses and there was like 30 more kids there! The kids were crazy and the dad was drunk so we didn't really do anything there. Playing with the kids was pretty fun though! In all we found quite a few new people we can go visit and teach again. We were pretty happy with work that day. We had a lock-down at 6 so we had to stay in the apartment the rest of the night for New Years Eve. Elder Luli, Poulter, and Togia Soi came to the apartment so us 5 hung out for the evening. Poulter fell asleep before midnight but everyone else was still up to watch the fireworks. They were actually pretty good for the little town of Bambang! Something else that was pretty crazy is as soon as midnight hit, everybody just started making noise with anything they had. People were on their motorcycles revving the engines super loud, dragging sheets of metal down they middle of the streets, and blowing these super loud horns nonstop. I don't know how Elder Poulter slept through it all but he did.
So Thursday (New Years Day), because of the night before was like a dead day. Most of the shops and stuff stayed closed. There was probably only 30 percent of the normal amount of people outside. I think almost everyone was hungover so they just stayed inside all day or something!
Friday we went hiking through the rice fields again to get to a part of the area. Made it this time without almost falling in but I still came out with my shoes covered in mud. It was fun though. On the way there was one farmer out there and he just kept looking at us like what the heck are they doing haha but we just kept going.
Starting to get tired of typing this so I'll just give an overview for the rest. We got 4 more investigators this week. No one that we had is progressing so we are focusing on finding new people. We weren't able to teach the Lapid family this week. When we went up there they were busy so we scheduled an appointment with them on Wednesday. Didn't get any investigators at church again. One less active came back though. She said it is her new years resolution to go back to church. We visit them and are trying to get the dad to come also. He is somewhat careless so it's a little hard but we'll see. Everything else is well here and still going good! Companionship is great. We have fun but we definitely work hard at the same time. I'm learning a lot from him since he is really experienced in the mission. He goes home in March so this will most likely be his last area.
Hope all is going well back home! Hope you all had a good New Year's and I'll talk to you again next week!
Love Elder Haacke

Little ditch that we found with a dam in it. When we cross through the middle of the rice fields we walk across this.

 Some of the kids we played with on Wednesday. 

Getting ready to leave the Zone leader's apartment and going to my apartment for New Years Eve lock-down.

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