Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, January 12, 2015

Forever Walk

Started off the week good this week with some sports on Monday morning. Something new we are doing now is every Monday morning we go play over in Dupax since the church has a pretty nice grass area big enough to play. We started out with football then went to rugby. Learned the rules of rugby and it is really super fun! Most likely after my mission I will get into watching more rugby after now understanding it and talking about it all the time with the Polynesians here in the mission! It's also nice to get out and be able to run a little to try and stay a little in shape!
Tuesday we didn't have district meeting so it was just a normal day. Good day of work and were able to find some more people. Our goal right now is to strengthen the area and increase the teaching pool so we are trying to find new people everyday as we work.
Wednesday was another normal day except we had a baptism to go to during the day. It was a Tatay from the sisters area and I baptized him. The water was even colder than the first time haha I felt so bad for the guy. He was freezing cold when he came back up but he still had a big smile! 
Thursday we had district meeting and President and Sister Rahlf came down to Bambang to do the quarterly interviews. Meeting was good and the interviews were good also. I wanted to ask President if I could stay with Elder Taumalolo for another cycle but then it never came out haha I think I got scared to ask I don't know why though. I got a snickers peanut butter from the interview with Sister Rahlf so that was awesome! 
Friday we went on splits with the Elders in Dupax. Elder Taumalolo went and worked over in Dupax and I stayed here and worked in my area. It was pretty fun actually and it was nice to see other missionary's teaching styles. Elder Taumalolo and I were able to talk about it and discuss what we liked and didn't like and how we could make our work better. It was a good experience for sure.
Saturday morning all the young men in the Bambang district had a hike. We walked forever and it wasn't even a hike. We walked on the side of the road. Took forever though but the place we got to was pretty cool. I was in the group with the Deacons so we played some games and then shared a thought about duty to God that related to the game we played. Then we ate and the young men went swimming in the stream there. It looked so fun but we just had to sit there and watch. What was nice is we were able to take a jeepney back to Bambang so we didn't have to walk. 
Sunday was good. Had two less actives come back but no investigators. We were happy with the less actives though because we've really been trying to help them a lot lately. Lunch was amazing again then we had a baptismal interview we had to go to. After the interview we had choir practice. They told us we had to join choir since they didn't have very many people. They weren't lying either because when we walked in there was only one male in the choir. We joined and did the best we could. We sing for district conference which is at the end of the month. We had a broadcast later at 6 that night from the area presidency. They just talked about some goals they had for the year and some new pamphlets and report sheets they were going to start using.
Overall another busy and good week! I hope everyone is doing well back home and has a good week!
Love Elder Haacke
 Baptism of Tatay.
 The boys swimming in the stream.

From the back of the jeepney on the way back from the hike. Elder Salmorin and Elder Molate are the elders in the picture with Elder Haacke.

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