Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, July 27, 2015


I knew those pictures had to be fake! The one of mom and dad on the moose I wasn't too sure about from the picture but the one with Marissa falling off the buffalo was noticeable. I'm pretty sure I said I thought it wasn't real in my last letter. If I didn't, I at least thought it was fake. 

Pretty good week this week in here in the Philippines. Weather wise we didn't have any days like last week which was kinda a bummer. Last week it had cooled down quite a bit but this week it warmed right back up again.  Started the week out on Tuesday morning when all the Elders in half the mission went to Cauayan for Elder's Conference. The other half of the elders went on Thursday. Elder's conference was really good. The main topic was about becoming a man and the characteristics of manhood. No surprise there though right? Talking to a bunch of elders of course that will be the subject but it was taught really well and it was enjoyable. Lunch was super good of course then we had one last lesson to end the day. For the last part, President Rahlf lead a study about Ammon in the Book of Mormon. We read many scriptures about him and really got to know him. Looked at the traits he had and compared it to ourselves. It was a really good time overall and learned a lot. Because of the Elder's Conference we didn't have district meeting this week.

Sad to say but the work didn't really progress at all this week. It was another average week. We finally were able to contact sister Flordeliza but she was busy and didn't have time for us to teach her but we set an appointment for Wednesday so hopefully that will work. All other investigators are not progressing at all. It seems like we just go through the process of getting new investigators then dropping them in a couple weeks. This last week we didn't really do that great of a job contacting people. Something we need to really improve this week but I think we will be able to do that. Hopefully if we can smash the contacts this week everything else will fall in line. 

We went to a little water fall this week. It was pretty cool. Didn't go for very long but it was nice to be able to go. The water fall is in my area but pretty far. Tatay Gaspar took us in his makeshift car haha I'm just glad it stayed together the whole time. 
We did end up getting a flat tire and got stuck once but it could've been worse. We just drove up the wash since there wasn't any water and made it almost all the way to the base of the falls. Brought food to the falls so we ate a little, hung out for a bit then went back to San Pedro. 

Elder Latu is in a threesome with the zone leaders right now since his companion is now in Bambang. We went and got him from the zone leaders and he came to church in San Pedro with us on Sunday morning. Church was pretty good. We were at 65 for attendance which is alright for San Pedro. Lessons in class were good also. Talked about the atonement in Sunday school then we talked about families and making home a better place in priesthood. No investigators were there nor less actives. One less active had come 3 times in a row but he wasn't there yesterday so we will try and follow up with him this week. After church we went to Mallig and worked in his area so he could visit some of his investigators over there. We will probably end up doing this until the end of the cycle. Probably just one day a week we will have to go to Mallig and work over there. 
Overall it was a pretty normal week. We will hit the contacting hard this week to try and make up for this last week a little bit. Hope everyone has a good week this week!! 
Love Elder Haacke

PS- In exactly one year from now I'll be getting on a plane! #ainttrunkytho
 More from the falls.

 View from the falls.
Avocado's are finally ready! Avocado sandwich.

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