Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pig Blood--Yum?

I would have to agree with Sam...the weekly letter was a good one this week. The picture of Marissa flying off the buffalo was a crack up! It kinda looks fake though but I'll take your word for it that it's real. 
Another alright week here in San Pedro. Transfer day happened this week, some of my great friends in the mission have gone home now. Can't believe they're already gone but that just tells you how fast time really does go by! 
Nothing out of the ordinary happened this week. Pretty much just the same old stuff. I'm still waiting for something to happen work wise that will change things up but nothing has happened so far. It feels like we drop investigators at the same rate we get new ones. We haven't found anybody that is really progressing yet. Sister Flordeliza like disappeared or something. She is our furthest along investigator. Every time we have gone by her store she hasn't been there. Our phone broke last pday so we don't have her phone number anymore either. We continue to do our best finding new people and always talking to people and I guess that's just what we need to keep doing. On a good note, we are starting to get more help from the members. We went to quite a few members this week and they were really nice to us. Sometimes some of the members aren't to fond of the missionaries but this week was all good. Thursday night we got a call from the Gaspar family asking us to go eat with them so we did. We almost never eat with them. Only when a missionary leaves and comes into the area. Friday night we ate with the Ramos family. Then Saturday morning at 5:30 in the morning, Nanay Gaspar called and asked us to eat there again that night. We definitely didn't complain about three nights in a row with dinner appointments. The Gaspar family will be really helpful with missionary work if we can work together well. Dinner Saturday night was the only thing here I have a hard time eating...pig blood. I've had to eat it a few times but can barely swallow it down. Eating dinner was almost the longest thing ever cause it was nasty! Took me like 5 minutes to chew each bite but I did my best to not make it obvious that I hated it. 
Sunday was actually a pretty good day. There was back up to 70 people at church. It was actually a pretty good sacrament meeting too. Class was alright and for the first time in a long time we had a lesson in elders quorum. After church, two members came to the apartment to get some avacados from our backyard. We have an avocado tree and it is starting to get ripe. There were only a few that were ready but by next week or next next week it should be good! 
Overall the week was pretty good but it wasn't much of a progressing week. I have five more weeks in the area and even though I'm pretty tired of the area I'm gonna try and give it all I got for the last 5 weeks. Hope you all have a great week this week! 
Love Elder Haacke 

The rat we killed in the apartment. Figured since I used to always take pictures of them, why should I not now?

Getting the avocados from the tree.

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