Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sick Days

Another week gone by already! Don't know how many times I've said that but hey, gotta use something to start the email and that's usually all that comes to mind!

Start off the week with something I mentioned in the letter last week, President, Sister Rahlf and their family will be visiting district meeting. So not all the kids were able to make it but we were visited by 2 of their sons and 3 daughter's-in-law. So the one that works at Klim was there, the only thing is he doesn't work at Klim anymore. He works with Under Armor now which is still pretty cool I guess. But anyway, they came and talked to us for about 15 minutes and shared some thoughts with us from their missions and life. The other son that was there lives in Coeur d'Alene. I can't remember their names but they were really cool and fun to talk/listen to. After the meeting we went and ate at Din's, our favorite restaurant in Alicia, with a couple other elders in the zone. After that we hopped on the bus and came back to Echague. 

Work this week was pretty good again being that we are still working around sicknesses. On the bright side it had been getting better. We were able to see quite a few people this week compared to last week. One important one being the Quisisem family. They had been doing pretty good and we have been getting close with them. We were supposed to have dinner with them on Tuesday but it didn't end up happening. While we were walking there the thought came into my head that we hadn't texted them all day and we haven't heard anything from them either. So we went there and it turned out they forgot which was totally fine. We sat and visited for a little while and set an appointment for the next day.
Wednesday we had a wedding to go to which was pretty cool. Bishop married them in the chapel. We were mainly just going for the food so we had a free dinner then turns out we missed it. They ate the food earlier than expected. Good thing we still had the Quisisem family though. Had a nice dinner with them but we did not share to them once again. Tatay wasn't there and it seemed like they didn't want to listen once again. We gotta work on that or just be straight up with them that we are there to share.

We went on splits on Thursday with the Elders from Jones. I split with Elder Reyes here in Echague and Elder Labrador went with Elder Kane in Jones. I never knew Elder Reyes before this cycle but have enjoyed getting to know him since we've been together. We have become pretty good friends in the 4 weeks we have been together in the zone.We had a good time together on splits and got to help him with their companionship. They don't have huge problems by any means but he wanted to go on splits for a little help. We were able to figure it all out by the end of the splits. We ate dinner on Thursday at a member's birthday party. Once again, spaghetti and pancit. At least this time I knew the meaning why we were eating spaghetti. We woke up a little earlier Friday morning to go play basketball for a little bit. That was super fun and nice to get moving again. I was so sore when I woke up the next morning. Shows how out of shape I was/am. But we had fun, came back to the apartment, got ready, read, ate lunch, then took off for Jones. Elder Kane was sick as well and didn't feel like traveling so we went all the way to Jones to switch back companions. We got there and Elder Labrador said he wasn't feeling good anymore so we went home and he rested. Anyway, his sickness got worse and we ended up resting a few days. It honestly sounds like he is coughing up a lung. He also has asthma so that's not helping him to much. He was going to make it work on Saturday since we are supposed to go with Bishop to work but Bishop ended up cancelling so we ended up spending the day resting again. He slept a lot which was good.

Sunday morning we woke up and he asked for a blessing. Gave him a blessing then got ready for church. We had new family come to church! I was so happy when I saw them come through the gates and I realized who it was. Tatay is less active and Sister is our investigator. They were all really happy to be there as well. We had a pretty good Sacrament meeting  then went into classes. Anyway, long story short, this family that came to church will now be taught by the sisters. They are actually in their area but right on the border and the sisters don't go there so we ended up contacting and finding them. It ends up better for them though because they like 8:30 church more so if the sisters teach them they will go to church at 8:30 instead of with us at 10:30. One other thing, there are a ton of members that are sick as well. We gave a couple blessings yesterday at church but like everyone is sick! Hopefully everyone will get better this week so it won't spread to more and more people. There must be something going around since everyone is getting it so hopefully it'll die off here soon. I guess that's pretty much it for the week. Quite a few sick days but this morning things seemed to start being back to normal. Hope you all have a great week this week. Love you all!

Love Elder Haacke

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