Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Record in Steps

Hello everybody. Another week has already come and gone and I get to write to you once again! Pretty simple week this week, nothing too out of the ordinary happened. 

Taught zone meeting this week. Went really well! The Sisters taught about Nephi and his story about going back to Jerusalem to get the brass plates. Then we taught about the the 'To Do's' and 'To Be's' of life and also of a missionary. We enjoyed teaching the lesson and we ended up having a pretty good discussion about it similar to what we had at mlc. It was pretty split on whether it was better to be a 'To Be' or a "To Do'. We enjoyed listening to everybody's opinion then bringing it all together and finding that you need the one to do the other. There are a lot of things we need to do in this life and there are a lot of things we need to become. In order to do one you need the other. If you just do and don't become, it's like being a hypocrite. You come unto Christ with your words but your heart is not there. And to be without doing just doesn't work. Faith without works is dead. All in all it was a very fun lesson to teach and I think the entire zone enjoyed it and could relate it to themselves. After that we went out to lunch with a couple other Elders then went to work there in Alicia. We had baptism interviews there but they weren't until around 5 so instead of going back to Echague and turning right back around to come back to Alicia, we just split for a few hours and worked in their area before the interview. I worked with Elder Odchigue. We had a pretty good time working together. He's a really good teacher. Great at sharing personal experiences. I love attending his district meetings as well since he is so great at teaching them and involving the members of his district in the lesson. We got the interview finished a little later than we wanted since the investigator was a little late coming home. Anyway, the interview went well then we finally made our way back home to Echague.

We had a sickness come through this week and hit all of us except for me. Not sure why, I guess I got lucky. But Wednesday morning the other three were just taking turns rotating in and out of the CR. Then it turned into coughs and runny noses. Then Elder Labrador's back was beginning to hurt to the point walking was difficult for him. This took a hit on the work this week since it delayed us getting out Wednesday and Thursday. We were still able to hit the appointments that we had set for those two days but we didn't do a whole lot of finding like we normally do. Wednesday there was a baptism in the ward so we went and witnessed then we hit a few appointments. We went to the Quisisem family and ate dinner with them. We were able continue strengthening our relationship with them which was great. We had them all committed to church by the time we left however the dad is the only one that ended up attending when Sunday morning came around. We have an appointment with them tomorrow so we'll get to follow up on that. Thursday was probably the worst day of people being sick in the apartment. It was a long day not really doing anything. Did a lot of resting, reading and playing cards. I guess it paid off though since they all seemed to be doing better Friday morning.

Friday we did splits just with the other elders in the apartment. This was my first time working with Elder Carrington and we had a way fun time together. We went to work in his area so I enjoyed meeting some new people and seeing some different places. Before we went out, we went to a lunch appointment with the Galera family. It's a family in the other ward but he came by the apartment in the morning and invited all of us to lunch. They are an awesome family and really fun to talk to. For work, we went to a really far area. Broke my personal record of steps during work. Ended the day with 22,000. We didn't just walk forever, even though sometimes it felt like it. We were still able to teach a few really good lessons. We shot hoops with a couple kids for a little as well just on a ring that was attached to the tree by the road. They thought it was awesome playing with two foreigners! Then like all the people in the neighboring houses came out and just watched the 5 of us shoot around. It was awesome. Anyway, we enjoyed the day together then finally got back to town and had dinner with the Rivera family. Made for a pretty great day.

Saturday morning we got up and went to Alicia to attend a baptism. The service was pretty good. It was a good thing we went since there were only like 4 members there to support him. Baptism was good then we went to brunch at Jollibee. While eating, a bus pulled up and like 30 white couples got off. Just so you know, I don't know why but it is weird seeing white people here. Almost to the point that I don't even want to go talk to them. So... I didn't. Just watched them walk around and take pictures. Kind of interesting though since they were taking pictures of things that just seem normal to me now. I guess it means I need to take pictures of almost everything since you might really not know what we see everyday. Went back to Echague, took a 20 minute nap then went to work with Bishop. Super nice since we used his tricy for work. He used to work with the missionaries once a week but he had a surgery right before I got here and that kept him from work until this last Saturday. He is now going to work with us every Saturday and we will go out to Pag-Asa which is very far. Even though it's very far, we still have members that come to church every Sunday which is great! This was our first time going there since it is not worth it without a tricy. It would probably take a good 2 1/2 hours to walk there. So we contacted a lot of people and Bishop introduced us to some of the investigators that they taught before in Pag-Asa. Overall we had a great day with Bishop then ended the day eating dinner with John Garcia. It was his daughters birthday so he invited us over to eat. Finally learned the reason why they always cook spaghetti or pancit (noodles) when there is a birthday! You'd think someone would have told me this after over a year of being here but it symbolizes many more to come. The fact that the noodles are long is meaning you will still live longer and have many more birthdays to come. Totally makes sense now after about every birthday I have ever gone to here has had spaghetti or pancit. So that made my night when John told me that's what it meant!
Sunday was pretty good as well. Had few less actives at church again that are on their way to returning. The only bad thing was that sacrament meeting was super noisy. Kids were running everywhere and the parents just let it happen. Like they didn't even notice their kid was there! Anyway, we made it through and ended up having a pretty good priesthood class also about the peace we can find in Christ. We were able to split after church as well and work with some that are preparing to go on missions. I probably should have done that before I left but at least now I get to help others prepare. They are all so ready to go they are just waiting for the semester to finish in school then they plan on passing in their papers.

Overall we had a great week. President called a couple hours ago and told me that his family is here in the Philippines and they will be coming to district meeting tomorrow! That should be super fun. I'm looking forward to meeting them. Hopefully I meet the one that works at Klim and have him hook me up with some stuff. ;) Anyway, I will let you all know how it goes next week. Love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Haacke

 Lunch appointment on Friday with the Galera family.
 Took Elder Carrington's GoPro for some nice pics on the tricy with Bishop.
Echague missionaries group picture at church. Some of my favorite Elders and Sisters in the mission!
 Splits on Friday. The road going out to their area.

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