Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, January 11, 2016

Meetings With President and Sister Rahlf

Another week as already come and gone. Pretty crazy how fast the days go by! Glad your report on Sam and I in sacrament meeting went well. Dad I started laughing when I read what you said! Tried to picture it but I don't know if I'm picturing it right. Anyway, it made me laugh though!
Start this week at district meeting once again. We had interviews with President and Sister Rahlf. Elder Labrador and I got up early and got to Alicia by 7:30 to open up the Bishop offices for the interviews. We saw the one bishop leave on his bike right when we got there so we figured everything was unlocked and ready for interviews. Well, we went in and he had only unlocked the one office. So of course we started calling everybody we could but nobody was answering. I know President doesn't really like it when the rooms aren't open on time so I really wanted to get everything ready on time. The building we meet at isn't our church building so we didn't really know who to call. Anyway the other bishop showed up right after President got there so it turned out alright. We got interviewed first and it went well. Talked with Sister Rahlf about the area book and then she had some quotes on her iPad so she had us pick the one we like the best. Then President Rahlf shared a thought with us from the scriptures about Nephi. From 2 Nephi 4, Nephi talks about how he still feels like he has faults and he still needs to improve his life even after everything he has already done. We related it to us especially at this time of the year that there is always something we can change and improve on. Then we led into talking about goals for the year 2016. Too bad I didn't know I needed an endorsement last week since I could've talked to him about it in the interview but we did talk a little about school. He encouraged the fall track and just to go straight into school. After the interviews we had the normal district meeting. President and Sister Rahlf still weren't done with interviews after district meeting so those that hadn't been interviewed stayed there but we left and went to lunch.

Wednesday we had MLC. Got there pretty early so we could be the first to jump on the computer and update the baptism list for Alicia zone. We didn't update it last time so we had quite a few to update. For MLC we finished making a new standard of excellence for 2016 that we will introduce at zone conference in February. Also made a new vision statement for the mission. Then we had lunch. We ate KFC. They ordered each of us like a little party box with a variety in it. But it was super good. Then we went back to the meeting and Sister Rahlf shared with us about footprints. What kind of footprint we leave behind. And President taught us about magnifying our calling. Overall it was a good meeting and we finished everything we needed to get done. Zone meeting is tomorrow so we get to modify the message a little bit and share it with the zone. Ate lunch with Teikauea again and hung out with him for a while. He's down in Solano so the only time's I ever see him are at MLC.

Here's an update with the work from the last week. Brother Neo was out of town like all week. We knew he was going to Manila last week and coming home on Tuesday. We decided to visit him on Wednesday thinking he would be there but his wife said he took off again and went to Pangasinan. So we didn't get to teach him all week.

The Quisisem family is still doing great. We don't teach them a lot anymore but we do quick drop by visits every once in a while. They were all at church this last Sunday except for Nanay. We have a dinner appointment with them tomorrow so we will be able to continue to help them on their way back to church.

John Garcia is doing well as well. He wasn't there last week but he did come yesterday. He was in Cauayan last week so he wasn't able to come. He still only comes to the first meeting though then leaves so we want to help him attend all the meetings in the next few weeks.

We followed up some new investigators from last week and one of them stood out a little. His name is Jesus Resurrection. Quite the name huh? Anyway, we left the lesson 2 pamphlet with him and he read the whole thing. He's pretty old and he wife has already passed away so we thought he would like that. When we asked him how he like the message, he said he really liked knowing where we came from. So we had a lesson and talked about that and all was going well. He said he wasn't doing anything on Sunday so we invited him to come to church since he had time. That's when he just said straight up no. He was born a Catholic and will die a Catholic. We actually heard that from 2 different people as well this week. So anyway, there is still work to do.
We continued to get some more new investigators this week by just finding and teaching on the spot. I actually really enjoy doing that now unlike before.

We had the area broadcast yesterday that talked about the Philippines goals for 2016. It was pretty good. It's kinda funny though because most the Filipinos can understand English if it is pronounced well but Elder Ardern is from New Zealand and has a super hard accent so like nobody knows what he is saying but there is still a ton of people there. But it was still a good broadcast and got to see some of the other missionaries from the zone. Finally made it home and did the usual Sunday night KI's. Last night actually all came in before 10 for the first time since I've been here so that was super nice. Anyway, that's pretty much the week this week. Love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Haacke

 Because of the new time of church, we all see each other every Sunday.
 Best tricy setup I've seen!

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