Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Working and Jamming

It was a great week in the field! Really long but had some good experiences. Sounds like everything went well with getting Sam off to the MTC. Love the weekly emails and hearing about how the family is doing.
Monday-My first p-day in the field. After we got done emailing in the morning we went to Jollibee which is like the Mcdonalds of the Philippines so that was super good. Then we went and did some shopping for random things. And I had to get a watch since I somehow lost mine in the Manila temple. One of the stores we went into was playing the song "It's 5 0'clock somewhere" so I started singing along. It had been a while since I had heard a country song.
Tuesday- Had district meetings in the morning. Fun talking to all the missionaries in the zone again. Talked to one missionary from Australia for like an hour outside which was pretty fun. Talked a lot about home. Had 4 appointments that night that we taught then dinner at a members home which is always good.
Wednesday- Elder Zabala had to go up to Cauayan city for the day for district leader training so I went with the zone leaders, Elder Johnstun and Elder Iuli. They are awesome and a lot of fun. Ate lunch at Jollibee again then went to work. I could understand a lot more of the lesson since they spoke a little slower than Elder Zabala. The day was long but got a lot of lessons in and met a lot of new people.
Thursday- Just a normal day on Thursday. Only got three lessons though. Either everybody was gone or said to come back another time so it was also a long day.
Friday- Another good day on Friday. One of the lessons we were going to is way back in the trees and there is a chicken farm back there. Really weird but inside the fence to the chicken farm they were blasting music and the song they were playing was the "Turn Around Bright Eyes" that Dad always sings at home. It made me smile and think of him always singing it and how Marissa reacted haha. 
Saturday- Pretty good day lesson wise but really met a lot of new potential investigators that we'll go back and teach tomorrow. Found a lot of people that are interested in the gospel so we were pretty excited!
Sunday- Was fast Sunday. Didn't really understand most of the people's testimonies but they seemed like they were really good! First time I've done a full 24 hour fast. It was not that fun especially not drinking water in the heat but it felt good late that night when I had finished it. In the afternoon, we were teaching one lesson and the neighboring house was blasting some music. Lot's of people seem to do that here. It was pretty hard to feel the spirit when "Don't stop Believin" and "Welcome to the Jungle" are playing in the background. I thought it was pretty funny though. I hear a lot more American music than I thought I would hear so it is pretty nice!

Pretty good week overall! . Language is kicking my butt still but I had a good experience Sunday afternoon teaching a family. After I said my testimony the nanay (Grandma) told me how happy it made her seeing me trying to speak Tagalog even if it wasn't that great and not very long. She told me a lot of new American missionaries come here and just use English because a lot of people can understand English here they just don't speak it but she can't understand it. It made me feel better about myself and boosted my confidence a little. It's so easy to get down on yourself but then I know that a lot of the Filipinos, especially the kids, are looking up to me so I just always smile and do the best I can. Hope to have another great week! Hope all is well at home! Love you all!

Love Elder Haacke

It looks like he has everything he needs--scriptures and M&M's!

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