Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Thursday, October 16, 2014

MTC Advice & Spaghetti

First off, Sam buy a SD card adapter at the bookstore. That's what I had to do. They are only 8 or 9 dollars. Makes it easy to use. Then at the MTC computers, after you put in your card, go to start, then utilities, then add removable media, then it will come up with this thing and you press enter, then it is normal from there. If that made sense. I don't know how you don't like the food. I thought it was great. Try the salad wrap line. After two weeks I started to feel really fat so I started eating those like 2 out of the 3 meals a day. Also Mom and Dad, if you could tell the Cobbs (or Caprice) thanks for the letter along with Bryon Reed since I don't have time to reply but I loved reading them.

This week went by a lot quicker than all of the other weeks so far. Learned a lot and kept progressing in the language. Slowly but surely it will come! Letters about the week were awesome as always. Love hearing about the family and now I can hear about Sam's experiences at the MTC.
Monday-The ATM in my city wasn't working so we had to travel an hour to the next city to get our support money. The other town is a lot bigger so they have a nicer grocery store and a McDonald's! I was super excited about the McDonald's until we walked in and they said no burgers since they were out of meat or something. Traveled all that way and couldn't even get a Big Mac. We go back on the 30th for zone conference though so hopefully I can get one then. 
Tuesday-Had district meeting in the morning then it was just a normal day after that. 
Wednesday-Had a service assignment in the morning with my district. We swept and cleaned up garbage on some streets near a members house. Afterwards she treated us to some spaghetti which was delicious! While we were eating, a boy came up to the gate and asked if we had any plastic to give him. I think he was homeless and wanted plastic to sale to get money. We said no then he asked for some food so we decided to give him a bag of spaghetti. While we were getting the bag ready a lady came running up to the kid and dumped his bag on the ground and it had two plastic crates in it that I guess were hers that he stole. She started screaming and yelling at him and he tried to run but she caught him. We were all just watching it and Elder Loitz was laughing his head off. I guess she was saying some really bad words that I didn't understand. That gave us some entertainment for that day!
Thursday and Friday all were normal days with not much happening.
Saturday and Sunday were great listening to conference. Saturday morning at 8 was the priesthood session then normal sessions at 11 then 2. Sunday started at 9 then 1. Conference was amazing and I learned a lot. It is definitely a different experience listening as a missionary. Also it went by way faster than it ever has. It was nice spending a full day with other American missionaries so I could talk to people so I had a really good time. I was surprised at how many Filipinos showed up since it was in English and most of them had no idea what was being said but hey good for them for coming! Over all it was a really good week this week and it got me excited for this coming week!
For the fam: So happy to hear about the week this week! That snowman from frozen is as big as you are Alexa! It definitely made me laugh when I saw it. Lachlan your picture in football looks awesome! Future Heisman trophy winner. You already have the pose down perfectly! Marissa I didn't hear anything about you but keep working hard in school! It's more important to get a good start then become lazy like me rather then start lazy and try and fix it later;) Sam seems to be doing great in the MTC and loving it! Reading her emails remind me of my MTC experience. Mom and Dad two quotes from Conference reminded me of you. L Tom Perry said, "Who could put a price tag on a mother" and I know that is so true about you mom. Dad I definitely missed you during Priesthood session. I thought about you a lot and always watching it with you. When Dieter F Uchtdorf said, "How we overestimate how well we can drive a car" it made me really think of you haha because that is something you always said. There were quite a few talks about the family and it made me think about how great of a family I come from. Sure do miss and love you all! Talk to you in a week!
Love Elder Haacke

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