Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Campaigning Begins

Pretty great week this week! Busy with a lot of different things so it made the week go by faster!
Monday- P-day always goes by really fast! At night we had Family Home Evening with a part member family. Dinner was pretty good. I've been putting off eating fish here since it doesn't look that great but I had to eat it since it's what they cooked. It actually wasn't that bad but not my favorite. The Filipinos get really into the games for FHE. We played a couple games that I learned in the Manila MTC which was good so I had some experience. If you lose, you get a mark of lipstick on your face. As you can see in the picture I lost quite a bit.
Tuesday- Had zone meeting so that lasted most of the day. I love spending time with all the missionaries in the zone though so I didn't mind at all. Short day of work because of zone meeting.
Wednesday- We had to go to the mission home for a meeting for all the new missionaries. I had been waiting for this day to come since I got here so that I could see the other missionaries I came over with. My area is about a 3 hour drive to get to the mission home so we had to wake up super early. Visiting with the other Elders in my group was awesome. We are all about the same spot in learning Tagalog so that made me feel good since I thought I should be further than I am. Since we spent the day at the mission home, I thought I would start my campaign as a future AP. I wasn't able to talk to President Rahlf very much but I did what I could. I was able to talk to Sister Rahlf for a long time though! We talked about a ton of stuff. Her son works at Klim in Idaho Falls so we talked about that. They go to Island Park pretty often since they have a family cabin up there. Of course, we talked about snowmobiling then she asked me about skiing. I thought my campaign was starting off very well and I plan to continue it on the 30th of this month at zone conference. On our way back, we passed by a restaurant called Mrs. Bakers. It is the most Americanized restaurant in the mission. It even smells like an American restaurant. We had to stop and eat just because of what I've heard about it. Spent 710 pesos which is what I could buy a weeks groceries with but it was definitely worth it. Most missionaries only get to go a couple times during their mission so I am really lucky I got to go already. I'll try and go again when we go to zone conference since we will pass it!
Thursday- Just a normal day. Work was tough because we went to an area where people are hard core Iglesia members. They are super hard to teach since all they do is argue with us.
Friday-Had a baptismal interview for some investigators the sisters taught. My companion is the district leader, if I didn't mention that before, so I am a part of all the interviews. I am going to baptize the mom this coming Saturday since she is taller than Elder Zabala so he didn't want to. Right after the interviews it started raining right when we were going to work. Got soaked for the rest of the day and it never stopped.
Saturday- Had another interview in an area called Dupax. Still raining from the day before. It didn't stop until 5;30 that night. Like 29 hours of straight rain. Interviews took forever so we didn't get back to Bambang until around 6:00. 
Sunday- Church was good. Had a couple less active people that we had been teaching come to church so that was awesome. Other than that it was a regular day of work. Went back to the Iglesia area. I think the next time we go we will finally get through to one of them but who knows. Pretty good week overall!

People here are great! The longer I stay here the more I see people that remind me of people at home. We teach two brothers that remind me of me and Lachlan. They do everything together and always play basketball together at the church. Another family is a family of sisters. There is a little Alexa that always says funny little comments. Then a Marissa and Samantha in the same family also. The one that reminds me of Alexa is like my little sister. She always tells me she is going to help me learn Tagalog. Then a couple days ago she told me she read a book at school about Idaho! She always makes me laugh whenever we go teach them. All else is well here in the Philippines!
Love Elder Haacke

For the Fam:
I got two of Grandma and Grandpa's letters so far so you could let her know that. They actually get here pretty fast. Faster than I thought at least. It's just it depends how long it takes me to receive them from the mission home. Since I am so far away from it I don't get to it that often but it comes eventually. When you send a package, make sure it is through the post office, not UPS or Fedex. I will have to pay a lot to receive the package if it is through UPS or Fedex. Something good to share with others before they send a package if they're planning on it. 
 I am definitely jealous about the snowmobile thing. I think after my mission I will have learned to not care if there is deep powder or not just as long as there is snow so I can go! 
Love reading about the family, as I read it I picture all of you in my head doing whatever it is I'm reading about. It is kind of an "escape" from the Philippines for a little bit.   
Sam you only have service once a week?? We had it twice a week in the MTC. And that hose thing? Yeah we had a huge water fight with that and 5 gallon buckets of water. The bathroom was a great slip and slide when we were done. We also did choir while we were there. The choir director is pretty funny! You will enjoy it!
Love and miss you all! Hope everyone is doing great!
Love Elder Haacke

 Found a huge caterpillar yesterday. Biggest one I've ever seen!

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