Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Couple of Days

Well my p-days are on Saturdays just for you guys to know. I only have one hour on the computer so it will normally be in the morning. After drop off, I was only with Jake for about an hour and then I was off to my first lesson in Tagalog. I didn't understand anything she was saying to me. Finally she said a couple words in English so we could talk a little bit. It is easy to get frustrated learning the language. Last night I gave my first lesson to an investigator and it had to be in all Tagalog. It was the shortest lesson I have ever given. I greeted her and I said the opening prayer then we talked a little about how God loves us and we are his children then I had to teach her how to say a prayer so she could say the closing prayer and then we ended. I have another lesson with her tonight that will probably be even worse than the first one. It is even harder for me because I am a solo missionary so I don't have a companion to teach with. In class, I am 1 on 1 with the teacher to try and help me learn faster. All the other elders in my district reported August 6 so they are a week ahead of me. Their calls all said to report on August 13th but then their stake presidents later asked them to report August 6th. By this Thursday I am supposed to be caught up with them and join them in their class. I love the elders in my district. They are some of the funniest guys I have ever met but also are very obedient to the rules and know when its time to be spiritual and reverent. None of them are going to the Cauayan mission but some of them are going to go to BYU-I when we get back so hopefully we can meet up then. Every time we came back to the room the second day we had another mattress in there so Elder Strader decided to sleep on three of them. When we woke up in the morning he had one mattress on the ground and was sleeping on it. Apparently at around one in the morning he woke up because it was the most uncomfortable thing ever. The picture is from yesterday in the classroom after everyone had taught the investigator.
Even though this is only my fourth day, if you count Wednesday, it feels like I have been here for a month. I leave September 18th for the mission field and as of now return home around July 27, 2016 but maybe that will change while I am out in the field. Hope all is going well at home!

 Elder Haacke

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