Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, August 31, 2015

New Area

Got a NEW AREA!! I'm clear at the top of the mission! Up in Tuguegarao North zone and my ward/area is the Amulung. Dad you were pretty close with what you saw by zooming in just the spelling was a little off. I'm loving the area so far and the ward is great and so is the comp!

Tuesday night, after saying goodbye to a few families ending with the Ramos family, we went to Roxas where we spent the night to be able to leave for transfer day early in the morning. Elder Latu had gone in to Cauayan Tuesday morning to do all the farewell stuff and do the last interviews and all that. So I guess he had seen the transfer board and new where I was going. He sent me a text Tuesday night saying I was going to Amulung up in Tuguegarao. I wasn't sure though if it was just his guess or if he saw something and new where I was going. Turns out he was right though. Wednesday morning we went to Cauayan and met with all the other missionaries that meet in Cauayan for transfer day. One of the first people I saw was Elder Brandon and since he is the housing elder he had the new placement sheet so he also told me where I was going. He then asked for my help in getting all the other people ready that were going to Tuguegarao so that we could leave right away. After the transfer lists were read for each zone, we got everyone's bags and loaded up and took off for Tuguegarao. The drive went a lot faster than I thought. I thought Tuguegarao was really far but I think it was only like an hour or so in the van. Got to Tuguegarao and met all the other missionaries at the transfer point there. Met my companion, Elder Gabelo, and all the other missionaries in the zone. 
My companion Elder Gabelo.
With everyone of my last companions the first meeting and the first 2 days have been more on the awkward and quiet side but it's different this time. It's only been a few days with Elder Gabelo but it feels like I have been with him for a long time since it is so easy to get along with him so it's awesome! We went and ate lunch as soon as we got there just at a small restaurant then went back to the church, grabbed my bags, and went home to Amulung. First impressions of the apartment...amazing! It is super nice! What makes it even better is it has air conditioning!! One of the few apartments in the whole mission that have it. Forgot to take pictures of the apartment but I'll get them to you next week. There wasn't much time for work on Wednesday but we were able to teach a recent convert then go over to the church to meet the members that were there for seminary. Thats pretty much it for Wednesday. 

Thursday was a pretty good day. Had district meeting in the morning. That was pretty good. This new district is the same size as the last one but everyone talks a ton more! It's so nice! The lesson is so much easier to teach since everyone shared experiences and stuff! After d-meeting we went and shopped then went home. Met a  few new members on Thursday and we had dinner with the Abalos family. Tatay Abalos is the 1st counselor I think, might be 2nd, but he is super funny. He's always crackin jokes and stuff. He gave a talk on Sunday and he was even making jokes during his talk! 

Friday was good as well. Did weekly planning, set some goals, then just worked. So beat my record of lessons in one day. Before it was 6 but on Friday we got 8 lessons! We worked all the way till 9:30 without eating dinner and loved it! The lessons were a good combination of investigators and less actives. After Friday, I could say that we had taught a good amount of lessons as a companionship and I love the way Elder Gabelo teaches. He is so good at relating things to them, using examples of people in the scriptures, asking inspired questions, etc! Hopefully I can learn a lot from him while we are together cause he is really good! 

Saturday morning we had a csp at Bishop's house then had lunch there. We just cleaned up all the weeds around his house that were covering the landscaping stuff. It was with the youth so I got to meet a lot of them. Also finally got to meet Bishop. We had gone to his house a few times but he hadn't been there. He seems like a really good guy and a good bishop. For lunch we did this one thing that is popular here. Forgot what it is called but you cook a lot of food, lay it all out on a banana leaf, then you all stand around it and eat with your hands. 
It was way good and I ate a ton! After that we played some games with the youth then went home. One lesson we taught that night was to Sister Riquelino. Her husband is a RM but went less active and she is not a member. Her husband has now been reactivated as the missionaries have taught him and his wife. Sister is the investigator and will most likely be baptized this September. She has one problem and will need an interview by President Rahlf or one of his counselors but I think she is ready for that and she wants to repent and change. It is nice because brother has also come back to church and is very supportive and encouraging to his wife. We hope to get the interview either this week or next week. 

Sunday came and I had to introduce myself to the ward. That was alright, nothing too special. Gospel principal class was great. So we had 5 less actives that are considered returned after this last Sunday so that was great. And out of nowhere there were 11 investigators at church! Even Elder Gabelo was surprised. Normally they have had it around 7 but this week it peaked so hopefully we can take advantage of that and lead to more baptisms!

Overall, I'm loving the new area. Ward is great, area is great and the companion is great. I am excited for what's ahead! Hope everyone has a good week this week and I love you all! 

Love Elder Haacke
Last pictures from San Pedro:
 Pic with the Youth
 Pic with the Single Adults.

 Pic with the Ramos family.

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