Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, June 15, 2015

Zone Conference In Cauyan

Sounds like the family road trip went well! Sounds like you went to some pretty cool places! I laughed so hard about the two tunnels. I could picture it perfectly! Glad the trip was good though and didn't have any bigger problems.
Dallin Poulter emailed me and said he enjoyed visiting with the family. Still can't believe he's back in Idaho. Feels like just yesterday we were walking the streets together in Bambang. 
The week this week was pretty good. Stayed pretty busy and it went by really fast. I think I say that pretty much every week. Highlight of the week was probably zone conference on Friday. We always learn a lot in zone conference's and I love listening to President and Sister Rahlf teach. We talked about the nature of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. President Rahlf is amazing at teaching and his discussions are always way fun. Learned some new ways I can teach about Jesus Christ and some new scriptures that I can use. Some big news of the conference was that they were going to travel to Salt Lake this week. Sister Rahlf has something (forgot what it's called) on her thyroid so she has to go into surgery and get her thyroid removed. They left on Saturday to go so they should be there now. We have a mission fast on Thursday for Sister Rahlf. I don't know when exactly they are scheduled to get back but it shouldn't be too long. The lunch at zone conference was something else! It was super good and I ate a ton! It wasn't anything unique I guess but for some reason it just tasted extremely good this time. I get to go back to Cauyan in the beginning of July for another meeting so I'm praying we'll have some similar food then as well. 
Work this week went pretty well. We got 6 new investigators this last week and some are super interested in the church. At least they had a ton of questions which was awesome. Sisters Roanne and Beverly Druja are two of them that are really interested. They are both Catholic but aren't active. They say they have a lot of doubts every time they attend mass. Sister Beverly said that she was told she was going to hell because she had a kid before her and her now husband got married. We were happy to share that we knew that was not true. Most of their questions were about the afterlife and repentance. The lessons we had with them were probably some of the most fun lessons I've had on my mission since they really listened and had lots of comments and questions.
Also this week we were able to contact quite a few more people which will give us some people to follow up with this week. You might have heard but this Sunday we had a broadcast that was only for the Philippines. I only found that out on Friday at zone conference so Saturday we had to go around to a ton of people and tell them church wasn't in San Pedro but was really in Roxas. The broadcast was pretty good. It had a Tagalog translator and they were using some deep Tagalog. Stuff that I don't know that well. Made it hard to understand. Normally it is just in English. In other places they had both playing but here they only had the Tagalog. Not quite sure what the church attendance was this week. I was able to see quite a few members but nobody that's not normally at church. After the broadcast, we were called and asked to go give a blessing on a baby in the hospital. I guess the baby has been on and off sick for a week or so but then it got really bad so they went to the hospital. We went over and gave the blessing then told them to let us know if they needed help with anything while they were busy with the baby. Finally made it home and went out and got some work done to finish out the week.
Overall a good week this week. Able to have a good work week and have zone conference on top of that. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to progress in the coming week. Hope everyone continues to do well back home and I love you all!

Love Elder Haacke
 Nanay Gaspar's birthday.
 Sunset Saturday night walking back from Marcos.

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