Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, June 22, 2015

Water Woes

Well, probably gonna start this letter off the same way as always...this week went by really fast! Before that, I also want to say happy birthday and happy fathers day to Dad! They had necklaces of candy yesterday at church for all the dads so that helped me remember that it was fathers day! But I really am grateful for you dad and your good example of how to work hard and deal with whatever circumstances are in front of you. Also glad you could experience a little heat. This last week was pretty hot also. A member told me it hit 48 one day. I don't know if it is true or not but I can testify that it was very hot this week. 
Usual week this week. Didn't really have anything that was out of the ordinary happen this week. Started with zone meeting on Tuesday. The zone leaders did a good job in their lesson. We studied the stripling warriors and related their attributes to missionaries. We ate at Jollibee for zone lunch which I don't really like at all anymore. I just like the ice cream that they have. Everything else isn't worth spending the money. Other than that we were in San Pedro for the whole week. Oh yeah, our water finally got fixed on Tuesday. That made it 12 days with no water. We had been filling up jugs from the zone leaders house and bringing them out to San Pedro. Finally got fixed on Tuesday, but broke again on Wednesday morning. Since the beginning of the cycle I think we only have had like 3 days with water. Luckily that break only lasted for a day and it was fixed again on Thursday. 
Work this week was alright. By way of contacting new people we didn't do that great. We'll focus on that this week and try and do better. We did improve on the amount of lessons we got though. Sunday we actually got 5 in one day. That's the most I've gotten in one day since I have been in San Pedro. It was finally nice to see some improvement in the lessons. We were also able to teach sister Roann. I think I talked about her last week. She is super fun to teach too because she always has a lot of questions. She wasn't able to attend church yesterday though. She says with how pregnant she is she can't make the walk. I guess that's understandable because she is super pregnant. She is supposed to deliver this week or next week is what she said yesterday. The lessons this week went well though. We got through the restoration and introduced the Book of Mormon. She understood well the importance of the priesthood and how it had to be restored through Joseph Smith. Someone else new that we got this week was a part member family. The husband is a member but sister Jenny, the wife, is not. Both of Jenny's parents are members as well. We have only been able to teach her once but I think this week will be a good week with her. Those are the two investigators that we are most excited about right now. I think they both have potential to progress. We haven't got a baptismal date yet so we're hoping for this week. Sister Roann will be a little difficult since we don't know when she will deliver her baby. 
Church yesterday was alright. Only about 50 people there. Sacrament meeting wasn't that great so maybe it was a good idea that Sister Roann couldn't make it. The speakers spoke for about 3 minutes. Then the branch president spoke and just joked around and laughed the whole time. Didn't even really share a message. I guess that's just how it goes sometimes in San Pedro. 
Pretty nice week this week. Slowly continue to progress in the work day by day. Hope everyone has a great week this week!
Love Elder Haacke
 Dang goats decided to use the front porch as their pen.
Showing these two girls the pictures of Alexa, Lachlan, and Marissa. Sam...I don't have a picture of you that fits in the white handbook so I just tell about you. The girl in the stripes is super funny! She also reckons Lachlan is pretty guwapo!

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