Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, March 23, 2015

Goats at Church

Another week gone in the Philippines. Normal week this week but still went by really fast! Dad I'm not giving any conference or anything about family history? I just logged onto the website that one day and looked at all the family history stuff. Also I don't need another card. I was able to buy one here. 
My first district meeting lesson went pretty well on Tuesday. The AP's came to Roxas so Elder Luli got to sit in on my lesson also. I think I've told you about him right? But I taught about the importance of strong testimonies. I thought I was going to be short on time until I heard the other district singing their closing song so that was a relief. Other than that there isn't much I have done so far other than stuff with the key indicators. Still I'd rather not have to worry about preparing lessons and I'd rather listen to them but it is what it is! 
The work was alright this week. We were able to teach Nanay Dominga Cantor and it went really good! The lesson was super long but I thought it was alright since we were answering her questions. She keeps saying that all churches are true and there is no wrong church. We told her that all churches have truth but not the whole truth. We went on by teaching the foundations of the church that Jesus Christ established and then lead to the apostasy and restoration. She understood well and we felt good about how the lesson went. If you remember she was the one that we went by last week and had the Jehovah's missionaries at her house. Well after the lesson we walked out and there were the missionaries at the neighbors house. They sure did stare us down as we walked by. 
I think I've told you about Sister Lovely and Brother Orlando before. If not, Sister Lovely is part of a part member family and Orlando is a relative. Cousin if I remember right. We started teaching them right when I got to San Pedro but it has been a while now since we had been able to share with them. Saturday we were finally able to get time with them and continue. The connection wasn't really there and it kinda felt like we were talking to a brick wall. We decided to break out the card tricks. Something I've picked up on the mission so far. It helped build our relationship with them a ton and they listened 10 times better afterwards. The only bad thing is we used all the magic tricks we had so next time I'm not quite sure what we'll do! We just taught them about the Book of Mormon. We reviewed the restoration a little bit also since it had been a while. They told us they would be at church the next day but that ended up falling through. 
That's pretty much all for investigators that are somewhat progressing. We teach a lot of lesson one each week and then people don't want to continue so that is the struggle we have with investigators. All we can do is keep finding and teaching and doing are best to help them feel the spirit and want to know more. 
With the less actives, we were able to find 2 more less actives this week through contacting. I think one of them might have good potential to return. His wife isn't a member so hopefully as he returns it will bring her to church also. We haven't been able to teach them yet but hopefully they'll have time this week. Other less actives has been kinda rough. One had attended church twice in a row but didn't this last Sunday. He just got the chicken pox and he doesn't want us to teach him while he has it. Others we continue to teach but haven't returned back to church yet. Hopefully soon.
On Sunday, they had asked us to bless the sacrament so that's where we sat which is right next to the window. During a song, Elder Pawin tapped my shoulder and pointed outside. There were two goats that had come in to the church grounds and were about to go into the church. Well they continued and came into the church also. I guess you know you're in the Philippines when you have goats coming into your sacrament meetings. 
Alright week this week overall. Had it's ups and downs as always but we continue to press forward slowly but surely. Hope you all continue to do well back home! Love you all!
Love Elder Haacke
Elder Cruzit, Sister Esquera and I at zone meeting from last week. Those aren't my glasses by the way.

 Tarantula we found at the apartment.
Goodbye's with Elder Corcuera. The Gaspar family.
The Ramos Family.

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