Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, March 30, 2015


Another week gone by in the Philippines. I don't know if that's how I started my last letter or not but I'm out of ways to start and that's the only thing I came up with. But the week this week definitely had its ups and downs.
Tuesday I taught district meeting again. Taught about the importance of using scriptures as we teach. Quick fast forward here, I was planning this weeks district meeting yesterday and I could not think of anything to teach. Finally settled on something but wasn't sure about it. I decided I would hope President sends something to teach over email today. Well my faith paid off because he did. Guess what the topic is...using the scriptures. So it'll be a good review and be able to read some different scriptures about it. Anyway, after district meeting we split with the zone leaders for the day. I worked with Elder Larson. We had a ton of fun and taught 4 lessons together. It was a good time and learned a lot from each other. I definitely like the area they have. It seems like that a lot though. You always think other people's areas are amazing and just think your own area is difficult. 
We spent the night at the zone leaders apartment since Wednesday morning we woke up early to go to Cauayan. There was a meeting for all the zone and district leaders. Meeting was pretty good. Talked about qualities and traits of a leader. Then had a question and answer question which was good to know what to do in certain situations in baptismal interviews. After the meeting we went to McDonald's with the AP's, or Elder Iuli. Had a good time at lunch and got to catch up a bit with each other. 
Thursday and Friday were normal days but we were absolutely punted two days in a row. They were the two longest days of work ever. I have no idea what we we're doing wrong but nothing went the way we wanted. Upside is I talked to an American guy that lives here. I saw him on my first day here in San Pedro but didn't talk to him. We have gone by his house a few more times but he's never outside. On Friday he was outside and I went and talked to him for a bit. He is from South Carolina. Had a construction company but sold it to his lawyer, who is a member, and moved to the Philippines 3 years ago. He speaks no Tagalog so his wife is his translator he said. We had a nice little conversation but didn't lead anywhere to the gospel since he had to go back to his yard work. Built a quick relationship with him and looking forward to going back sometime.
Saturday our branch elders quorum activity got canceled. Pretty disappointed. We were going to go fishing so I was looking forward to it! Elder Pawin had a little LBM the night before and in the morning so he wasn't feeling that great. We still went out and worked. Had a pretty decent start. One investigator is taking the lessons pretty well so far but we've only taught her 4 times. They are super busy with tobacco harvest right now so it's hard to contact her sometimes but we had a good lesson with her on Saturday. We were also able to teach to Sister Lovely again and the lesson went well. She didn't attend church though again and neither did her family. Tatay has been in a different mood since about the last week of last cycle. They haven't been at church and every time I try and talk to him he just says he's "busy busy". I offer my help to him and he says he's fine then leaves. That's about how the last 4 attempts to talk to him have gone. The family was just returned to church last cycle, Lajo family, but they haven't attended lately. 
Church on Sunday was pretty good. Had 2 investigators at church. One is a new investigator that we met Friday night. Her name is Sister Princess and she's 13 years old. The family she lives with are members but that is the first time I've ever met her. The second was a relative of the same family that missionaries have taught in the past and we try to teach her when she is here but most the time she is in Manila. Elder Pawin and I gave talks in church also. I wasn't sure how my talk was gonna go. I started with apologizing since my Tagalog isn't very good and my branch president from behind me says, "English na lang!" He said it loud enough so like everyone could here it too. That's just how church is here though. I went on with my talk and did it all in Tagalog except a few words. When I finished 10 minutes had gone by so I was very satisfied with myself. 
Overall the week was alright. Didn't get very many lessons so in that sense I couldn't wait for the week to get over. As far as I know we have a full week this week so it should be better with more work getting done. Hope everyone has a good week!
Love Elder Haacke
 Backpack I had made like 5 weeks ago that just got finished. Pretty cool. 

 Basketball this morning. This is at the municipal building.
 Me and Elder Lavelua (my zone leader) on the tricy going to play basketball.

Pics of the hanging bridge we went to last cycle the same day as Magot Dam. Just got these pics.

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