Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, February 16, 2015

Time is Flying

Fastest week of the mission by far this week! Sounds life is staying pretty busy back home. Sam I'm excited for ya to head out to Taiwan! Sounds like you have loved your time in Colorado though. I'm jealous for sure but the work is pretty good here in the Philippines as well! 
On Tuesday we didn't have district meeting like usual since we had zone conference on Thursday. Just a normal day of work! Highlight was I saw 3 more white guys go by on a motorcycle. I'm kinda turning into a Filipino in the fact that if I see a white person it just about makes my entire day! We were able to visit Brother Ray again and follow up with him from the last week. He listened well again and asked a lot of questions again. It was a good lesson and we were able to teach him again on Saturday. Later that night we had dinner with the Ramos family in the branch. Before dinner I was talking with Tatay and we were talking all about cows for like 20 minutes. I told him about my experiences with cows (the best I could in Tagalog) from the farm and it made me miss working on the farm! Brought back a lot of fun memories. Dinner was good then they gave us a ride back to the apartment!
Wednesday was a quick day. We only got to work for a few hours then we had to go over to another area called San Manuel to do a baptismal interview. San Manuel is one of Elder Poulter's old areas that he told me about. The people over there love him like crazy! He was their favorite so it gave me something to talk to them about. Also I met this kid named John Mark who is insane with the Bible! He showed me some of the notebooks and papers he has written about the Bible and relating it to verses in the Book of Mormon and the D&C. He is only 16 years old and he debates with all his school teachers and the principal with the Bible. I can't even describe it but it was crazy! We spent the night in San Manuel since the next morning we had to go to Cauayan for zone conference.
Thursday was zone conference! Zone conference is always a ton of fun and uplifting! Plus there is always good food! Something cool was my zone all matched for conference. All the elders got camo ties and the sisters got matching outfits too. It looked pretty cool. I think the picture is on the mission blog. Highlight of conference was that we got new goals for 2015. They're quite a step up from the goals from 2014 so it will take a lot of work to achieve them but that's not a bad thing. Dad, you know that clip you always use from Facing the Giants? President Rahlf used the same clip! Just made me think of you the whole time. Way back from zone conference we got a flat tire in the van. Good thing was we got it right next to a gas station with a nice store. Even better was that store had Dr. Pepper! Tasted soooo good! Been way too long since I've tasted that!
Friday I have no idea what happened. I read back in my journal and all I wrote for Friday was it went super fast and that I couldn't think of anything to write and I still can't remember what we did on Friday. Guess I should be a little better in my journal!
Saturday was a good day. Like I said earlier we were able to teach Brother Ray again.Had a good lesson about receiving answers and listening to the holy ghost. We had asked him to pray about Joseph Smith but when we followed up with him he said he had forgotten. I actually thought he was really gonna come to church but that didn't happen. Had dinner with the Ramos family again. Joined Tatay and talked to him again. This time he happened to be watching some UFC so that was are topic of conversation for the evening. 
Sunday we didn't get any investigators at church again. Pretty disappointing. The less actives that came last week all came again this week but we didn't get any new ones. Just got a sister back from her mission this last week so she talked for a little bit. It was kinda funny though because she could barely speak Tagalog. She invited us for FHE with her family later tonight so we're looking forward to that! We located one less active that we were told about a week ago from a member and we were able to teach her. Had a really good lesson just about God's love and what he wants for us then when she said the prayer she paused and just started crying. She said she knew of God's love for her and she wants to change and start living after his example again. 
Overall the week was really good. Zone conference made the week go super fast. I can't believe it is already p-day again. Hope you all continue to do well at home and I love you all! 
Love Elder Haacke
 Me with a caribou.  Kinda hard to see my face though.

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