Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sacrament Meeting Attendance

Hello everybody! Glad the first week of Summer went well for everybody. Sounds like everyone is really busy already. Also thank you dad for counting how many times the second hand needs to go around before I come home. That time will be here before we know it!

So we're back here once again at the net shop that doesn't read my card. The other one doesn't have internet again. An internet cafe with no internet...welcome to the Philippines! Just kidding, but hopefully it'll be back up next week. 
So we got back to a normal schedule this week. It was pretty nice but it actually went kinda slow as well. Looking back now it seems like it flew by but I remember feeling at some points during the week that time was going so slow. Anyway, I'll share a few things that made up our week this week. 

Tuesday we taught zone meeting. The topic was "Unto What Were You Ordained." We found a lot of scriptures that answered the question. I thought it was pretty cool that not a single scripture was repeated. No one even used a scripture that was used in MLC. Combined from the zone meeting and MLC there was 20+ scriptures that answered that question. Goes to show the scriptures really have the answers to everything, just need to study and search them. 
We went to Nanay Luce's house everyday this week except for Tuesday and weren't able to teach a single time! Most the time it was Tatay that came out or was already outside to talk to us. What happened yesterday was kinda funny though. We went there and Tatay was the one that came out. I tried to get him to let us teach him but the right time hasn't come yet. Anyway, the excuse yesterday was that Luce was sleeping. Everyday it's a different excuse. She's attending a funeral, her stomach hurts, she's cooking and so on. So after he said she's sleeping yesterday we were pretty disappointed and we didn't reply right away. Then Tatay's like, "Don't think that I'm trying to hide her, what I'm saying is true." In my mind I'm like, "Tay, that's exactly what we're thinking!" So we got a little laugh out of it and told him it's okay and that we'll come back another day. 

One less active that we've really been focusing on is Tatay Romolo. We've taught him twice a week since I've been here in Burgos. We always have pretty good lessons with him and he is doing good with his scripture reading and prayer but he's not coming to church. The lesson on Saturday was really good and the Spirit was definitely there. He always tells us that someday he'll come back to church but now isn't the right time but this time he told us he'll pray to see if the time has come to come back to church. We were almost certain that he was going to come the next day. Long story short, he didn't come! I don't know how the lesson could have gone any better or what we can do different but I guess we'll just keep on doing what we are now and hope for the best. 

We had our last service at Roland's kitchen last Wednesday. School started today so whether it's finished or not he has to start. We got basically everything done on Wednesday though. It was just me and my companion that participated. When it rains it still gets a little wet where people sit and get there food which then turns to mud so we took a ton of little rocks and spread them out to make it a little less muddy when it rains. We went there this morning and it was pretty muddy so what we did didn't help much but it looked nice after we finished! 

So the week this week was pretty good. Investigator wise we didn't do too great but we had a lot of less actives at church once again. Many repeats from last week. Our attendance was around 80. I counted like 74 but others that counted were around 78 or 82 so we'll go with 80. The branch president talked as the concluding speaker and said there was 108. No idea where that came from cause I didn't get anything near that and neither did anybody else. But hopefully we'll be able to get these meetings set and everyone in the branch can take part in helping it progress and helping are attendance continue to increase. 

I hope everyone has another great week this week. Can't wait to talk to you all again next week!

Love Elder Haacke

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