Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week in Pictures

Just pictures from Elder Haacke this week since he Skyped with the family yesterday for Mothers Day.

CSP moving the hut:

This is where we rest on those punted days. Super comfortable and always a nice breeze:

Zone Activity:

Picture of most of the zone. Sister Aguanta is the only one looking.

 Sister Velasco and I with some others in the back.
 Elder Hardy and I.
 Sister Sauder and I while in the cave.

 The mouth of one of the caves.
 Pretty sure Elder Castillo and I were holding up the rock.
 Me, myself and I plus a cool looking rock.
 This little guy was are tour guide. He's 11 years old but he knows everything to say and was telling us about the stalagmites and stuff. We gave him a nice tip so he was pretty happy!
 I don't think our investigator liked the pamphlet... we found this out in front of her house.
Analyn and Darril's wedding. There were a ton of weddings in April. This was one of them. 

 So jeeps like this have been going around for weeks now blasting songs promoting the person running for a position in the government. It's super loud and very obnoxious. Good thing election is today so they've finally stopped.
 This is the "White Lady" that started following me that one night. Asked for a picture and she didn't say anything so I took it as a yes!

 Holding the snake. Really I totally hate snakes but of course I acted like it was no big deal since the whole zone was there!
 This is the monkey that slapped my knee when I bent down to get close to him. Scared the crap out of me. He's crazy fast!
 These are all the zone leaders in my batch. We took this picture Wednesday at MLC. Can't believe we're getting that close to returning home. Elder Higgins will be released as AP and train his last 2 cycles so we'll miss him at MLC.

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