Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, April 18, 2016

Crazy Hot

Alright I can't believe Sam is going to be in the family pictures come next Monday! So crazy. It's been nice having a partner out here with me in the mission field but looks like that time is coming to an end. I remember thinking how far this day seemed but now it's already here! Congratulations Sam on a well served mission. You've worked really hard and I know you've loved every bit of it! I'll join ya there in a few months!:)

So back when I was in Echague I said in one of my emails that Summer is here. Well, if only I knew back then how hot it was going to be now I would have enjoyed that weather a lot more than I did. It is blazing hot now. Like ridiculously hot. We've been downing water as much as we can to survive but holy cow, just thought I'd mention that it is crazy hot!

As for the week this week, it was pretty good. Had some good days but also had some not so great moments as well. Start this week by going back to last Monday. We had family home evening with the Ancheta family and it was super fun! They are one of my favorite families here. We had a good little lesson then got to the games which was a blast. Even Tatay and Nanay, especially Tatay, really got into the games. I even started to worry a little bit if he was gonna be able to stand back up after kept falling to the ground laughing so hard. We all had a really great time and also got a nice dinner. 

Tuesday we taught zone meeting. Went pretty well. We discussed different methods of teaching then the STL's shared about asking inspired questions.. Everyone's input was really good which was a big help in making the lesson go well. After zone meeting, we ate lunch at the local kerinderia then went on splits with the Mabini elders. I went with Elder Mansor. We were together in Alicia for my four cycles there then we came here to Burgos together so we know each other pretty well. We had a good time on splits. We only taught three lessons together since time was cut short because of zone meeting and having to do some things for the Branch President. One of the lessons we taught was to LeslieAnn and April Lopez. We've been teaching these two sisters and they've been progressing really well, especially in our lesson on Tuesday. We taught the Restoration since April hadn't heard it yet. She is the older sister and I think she is a little more interested than LeslieAnn. They both have been keeping their commitments so far so we are excited to see how they progress. They planned on attending church and even got ready but they said they didn't have a ride. We'll help them with that this week and just tell them to put aside 5 pesos a day so that when Sunday comes they won't have a problem being able to get to church and back. 

Wednesday was a normal day of work. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened Wednesday. Taught the normal lessons but not really to anybody that is progressing. We were able to teach Sister Munik, the less active we just met, and continue to build our relationship with her. She is the only member in her family so we are working with Tatay as well. We haven't been able to share with him but we are able to talk to him more and more each visit. It was too bad though she didn't attend church this week. We don't know why so we'll have to find out this week. 

Thursday we decided to switch up our schedule and work in the morning till lunch, the study during the early afternoon and then go back out again around 3. Do this we try and avoid the heat a little. It was working pretty well until about 2:00. By that time the apartment was turning into an oven. Couldn't stay any longer so we went back out. We taught Nanay and Tatay Plemente Thursday afternoon. They are still progressing slowly but surely. We are still taking it a principle at a time to help them really understand. 

Alright I'm not going to go into much detail for Friday and Saturday. Good days but nothing out of the ordinary happened. We worked hard and ended up teaching quite a bit but nothing really stood out. Saturday morning we did have a little csp just across the road from our apartment with the Cordova family. Pulled weeds from their garden if you could call it that. I think it needs replanting. 

Saturday afternoon a small but super strong thunderstorm came out of nowhere. The power lines of the house where we were teaching started sparking like crazy. There was a part of it that kept hitting the metal roof and whenever it touched it sparked. We eventually finished the lesson then ran to the nearest tindihan to wait out the rain a little bit. It was super windy and really strong rain for the time it lasted. 

Sunday was my first normal Sunday here in Burgos. When we got there there were two big puddles of water in the entryway and in the sacrament hall from the rain the day before. We went and got the mops and cleaned it up before the majority of the people got there. Also I'd have to say I wasn't too impressed with the leadership. So I could basically sum up the entire branch by saying not a lot of people are fans of the branch president. Church is supposed to start at 8:30 and we have class first but what really happened is we had one hour of class at 9:30ish then sacrament meeting. I had heard a lot about the branch president but I wanted to keep an open mind and get my own opinion of him. To be honest though, what the members were saying was true. Never saw him come out the office other than to attend Sacrament meeting. Elder Castillo and I taught Sunday school. The worst was after church. He came up to us and told us to make baptismal certificates for the recent converts that hadn't received them yet. My companion replied and just said we aren't the ones that make it and he needs to talk to the clerk and have them made. Plus we don't even know how. We also asked him if we could have a meeting which he grudgingly accepted. As we walked into his office he told me to wait outside and just let Elder Castillo in. Pretty weird but whatever. Long story short, he lectured Elder Castillo because of his answer about the baptismal certificate. Which wasn't even a bad answer? President told him we obey him. Whatever he says we do. Plus some other stuff. They were in there for a good 5 to 7 minutes before he let me in. He is kinda high up in the government here and he has money so I think for the most part every time he tells people to do something they do it since they are scared of him. So I think he was more shocked because we said he needs to talk to the clerk. So yeah, got some work to do with this branch president. We're going to try and do our best though. I guess all the past missionaries have reported to President Rahlf about him so he knows what it's like here in Burgos. We love the members here though so we want to do all we can to help the church become more established here. 

That's basically it for the week. Pretty good week that ended on a low note but things happen. We have zone conference tomorrow so that should be really fun. This will be our last zone conference with President and Sister Rahlf. Really looking forward to it tomorrow! I hope you all have a great week. Love you all!

Love Elder Haacke

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