Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, October 12, 2015

Transition Week

Hello everybody once again. So got some news for the week! Pretty crazy I guess. I will be going to Alicia zone and my area is called Echague. My companion is Elder Arorong, I was in the same zone as him in Bambang. Actually went on splits with him once. So this cycle is only 4 weeks long then the next cycle is 8 weeks long. Elder Arorong will be going home after this cycle and my first week of this cycle is still here in Amulung. So we will only have 3 weeks together then I will be getting another new companion! So on Wednesday I will be going to Cauayan for a meeting then will continue on to my new area in Alicia. Feels like a lot happening in just a short time! I'm excited for all this to happen, should be pretty exciting.
This week on the other hand was alright. I don't have a lot to say about it so this email might be a little boring. My companions are Elder Gumayao and Munoz. They are alright. They'll be the new missionaries here in Amulung come Wednesday. I think everyone likes them for the most part. The one isn't to enthused about missionary work. He's a little lazy. Since the area here is huge, we haven't been teaching very many lessons, just introduce the missionaries, talk for a little, then leave. That is what the zone leaders advised me to do. I guess that's the reason I don't have a lot to say. We've just been going to a ton of different places to help them learn the area and get to know the members. We still have some places we haven't gone that we need to. This area is just so big and we've had something every morning since we have been here. From zone meeting, weekly planning, then conference for two days. So yeah, it's been busy but we are still getting around. 
So if you remember Elder Schwitzer from conference, he will be coming to the mission on October 27-29 so that will be pretty cool. Just like Elder Bowen came last year, it will be him this year. Pretty cool to see him talk in conference and now he will come the the mission in a few weeks. Rumor has it he will be going around to some apartments since he wants to see what they are like so hopefully he won't be coming to mine! 
That's pretty much all I have for the week, we are literally just introducing to everyone and all the different places. Only have tonight and tomorrow afternoon to finish it all up then I will be leaving! Haven't heard anything on how I will be going to Cauayan, hopefully the AP's will come and get me so I don't have to travel by a bus! That's what I'm praying for. 
Conference weekend was good. I really like a lot of the talks. I didn't bring any of my notes with me but one that I remember was I think Robert D. Hales. I just like how simply and plainly he spoke and how easy it was to relate to your life. Can't wait until the talks come out in the Liahona so I can read them again and learn a lot more! 
Overall it was an alright week. Finish up showing the area this week then I'll be off to the new area! I will be in an apartment with four elders for the first time so that should be cool! Hope everyone has a good week! Love you all!
Love Elder Haacke

Computer won't read the sd card so next time I will send pictures!

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