Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, September 14, 2015

Must Have Forgotten What Food Tastes Like

Another week gone by! Went by super fast this week! I want to start off the letter though by telling Lachlan happy birthday! (I didn't forget, just waited till this week to say it.) Congratulations to Marissa for all her singing this week. Sounds like she had a great week at the fair! 

Had another great week here in Amulung. Started on Tuesday with zone meeting in the morning. Sister Ferguson brought marshmallow popcorn so we ate that during the lesson. It was super good. Also, the zone leaders brought treats. I felt so sick after the meeting from all the sweets that I ate. So the lesson was the same as last October. About accountability. It was pretty much the exact same as last time. Still good though and important especially as a missionary. After zone meeting we went and ate at Chowking. First time I've been there since this is the first zone I've been in that has a choice of where you can eat. It's pretty good but not the best. Rather go back to Fatkids. But it was good time eating with the zone. Work was pretty good. We didn't have a ton of time since zone meeting went a long time. We got a couple lessons then went to the Abalos family for dinner. Turns out it was one of the kids' birthdays that day so it was good that we went by. The Abalos family is super funny and they are all so alike. We always have a good time hanging out with them. 

Wednesday was just a normal day. Good day of work. Went out at 10 and went to one  of the furthest areas. It was alright out there. There are a few members out there and one investigator. Good thing is we got lunch with one of the members and then he fellow shipped with us in teaching the one investigator. After that, we went almost to the clear opposite side of the area to teach some of the recent converts and couple investigators close to them. We ended up getting 8 lessons again over the whole day so that was awesome. We've actually hit it quite a few times now but haven't broken it yet. 

Thursday we had splits with the zone leaders. Went in to Tuguegarao on Thursday morning. I split with Elder Olson. I don't know if you remember but we split one time my first cycle in Roxas so it was fun to split again and see how much we both have improved. We had an alright day. Started out at the baptism interview. I interviewed one of their investigators for baptism. Before the interview, he took us out and treated us at a panciteria or noodles place. So while I'm eating, I'm thinking there's no way I can't pass this guy, he just treated us to lunch! But the interview went well and he is ready to be baptized. His wife is already a member and now he is in the process of becoming one. Work started out pretty slow. We didn't get our first lesson until like 4:30. After the first it started to pick up though. We ended up having 5 plus a dinner appointment so can't complain! Had goat for dinner. Actually pretty good as well. All these weird meats that don't sound good are turning out to be pretty good. That or I just forgot what good food tastes like.
Friday we got back to Amulung, and started weekly planning. I hate doing weekly planning cause it takes forever but it is helpful for the rest of the week. The main purpose of today was to visit each one of the investigators that were going to be baptized on Saturday to make sure everything was going to work out. We were able to visit all three of them and share a message with them. 

Saturday was the baptism! It was so awesome. Everyone showed up including the speakers which almost never happens! Everyone was super happy as well. I was able to baptize Sister Karen and Elder Gabelo baptized EdMarie and John Mark. It was sad to see that Karen's husband wouldn't be able to baptize her but he was still very supportive and super happy for her! After the baptism, they all did a great job of sharing their testimonies. Overall it was a great baptism! By the way, you know how  my pants have the elastic waste? Well the baptism pants do not and I've gotten fat. Probably the hardest time I've ever had trying to button up a pair of pants!

Sunday was great as well. John Mark, Karen, and EdMarie were all there and got confirmed a member and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Also, I got assigned to speak next week. I thought I'd be good for a while but nope. I don't know why I'm speaking. My companion isn't, just me. Oh well, I'll probably speak about the Atonement. But church was good then we had a lot of fellow shippers work with us in the afternoon. That is normally how it goes on Sunday after church. Work was pretty fun having all the other members with us. Ended up eating dinner at Bishop's house then finally came home. 

Week went by super fast and was pretty busy! Even with splits and the baptism, we were still able to hasten and get 30 lessons this week. We were happy with our work this week and we are ready to do it again this coming week! Hope you all have a great week this week! Love you all!

Love Elder Haacke
 The baptism!
 Never sent a pic of the apartment so here it is.

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