Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, May 4, 2015

Filipino Time

Another month passes by and it's already May! Feels like I was celebrating New Year's was just a week ago. The week was alright this week. Pretty much the same old work wise but still a fun week. Before the week though, I don't think I'll be able to match Sam if she skypes at 6 a.m. but if it is more around 7:30 our time I will be able to get to the net shop most likely. Hopefully it will work so we can all talk! Also hopefully the net shop is all good and will work well. We will finalize it today probably. 
So start the week with district meeting on Tuesday. Another lesson down. Still not a fan of teaching but it is a lot easier than it's ever been. I taught about Christlike attributes and the importance of having them since we are representatives of Christ and his church. The sister training leaders came from Cauayan zone and attended since we don't have STL's here in Roxas so it was nice to have another person in district meeting since the district is super small. After district meeting we did the usual lunch at Chicboy then went home. 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were normal working days. We still are only teaching to pretty much the same people as we did last week. Don't have any new investigators that will continue more than a couple lessons. Sometimes it feels like this area is missionaried out. I know that's not possible and there is always more people but that's the way it feels sometimes. We ran into the caravan of Jehovah Witness' missionaries again this week. They go around in groups of like 6-10 so we see their caravan pass by every once in a while. We dropped by one sister's house and she was telling us how she doesn't really like them and she memorized the time they always come by so she can hide haha. Makes us feel a little better since she doesn't hide from us. She is less active but is kind of returning right now. She came 2 weeks ago but wasn't there yesterday. She just had a baby though like a month ago. I think she is kind of coming back because she wants her baby blessed in church which is great so hopefully she will continue after the baby is blessed. Pretty much all the others we were able to share with this week were the same drop-by's as normal. 
So Sister Rochelle that I interviewed last week for baptism was baptized this last Saturday. I was asked to baptize her so that was fun for me. That pretty much took the entire day on Saturday. There was a baptism at 2 that we were going to be a part of so we came to Roxas and it ended up getting cancelled. The baptism of sister Rochelle was supposed to start at 4 but didn't end up starting until 6:30. That is Filipino time for you. They say something will start at 8, you show up at 9 and you're still the first ones there. But sister Rochelle was really happy after the baptism so that made it a good evening,even though the water was really cold. Luckily we found a ride back out to San Pedro since it was night time and there aren't any rides at night time. Got home Saturday night, ate dinner and went straight to bed. I don't think I've been that tired in a long time. 
Sunday was the day everyone had been waiting for for months...the Pacquiao fight. Church first though. Haha it made me laugh started like 30 minutes late (Filipino time again) so that made some members upset since they don't want to be late for the fight. Then it was testimony meeting right? So the testimonies...about Pacquiao. That probably makes you think they all were but there was just a few that mentioned Pacquiao. So after church, turns out we heard the wrong time for the fight. It was already the 11th round when we heard about it. We went straight to Roxas after church to split with the zone leaders then do choir in the evening. Splits was a ton of fun. I really like working in the zone leaders area because we always are able to teach more lessons in a day than we ever get back in my area. I worked with Elder Lavelua and we also had two fellowshippers with us from their branch. We had a blast on splits and teaching was great! So Elder Lavelua and I were both born in the same area in Bambang. We had the same first area. He is almost exactly a year ahead of me in the mission though so he goes home soon. So do you remember the Chikino family from Bambang? They were like my favorite family there. Anyway, the missionaries in Bambang were at their house and they called Lavelua's phone. Lucky for me I was on splits with Lavelua so we both got to talk to the Chikino family! It was awesome! Finally somewhat old enough in the mission to have people to contact from past areas and stuff. So that was a highlight of the week. Later that night we went to choir and let's just say they could use some help. We'll see how it goes in district conference next week. 
Overall it was an alright week this week. Oh, it was insanely hot this week also. Hopefully summer will pass by quickly! Hope you all have a great week! Love you all and to ya next week!!
Love Elder Haacke

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