Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, April 20, 2015

Iffy Week

Before I start, got the Easter package this week. Thanks! I downed the Sixlets! Tried to make them last but it didn't work very well.
But another cycle down! Scary fast! Got the transfer list earlier today. There are only two missionaries in my zone leaving. One of them is because he is going home so that was a given. My district will be the exact same for next cycle so I won't be losing or gaining anybody. I really like the Elders and Sisters I have in my zone right now so I'm not disappointed at all. The week this week was another iffy week. Not much luck but we did what we could.
Tuesday, we had the last zone lunch after district meeting. Went to Chicboy again. Getting sick of that place...but it's always fun with the entire zone! We knew that Elder Frank was going home so it was the last one with him and we didn't know who else was going to transfer. Lunch was pretty good then we went straight into splits. I was going to have to go to Elder Latu and Elder Cruzit's area later that day for the baptismal interview so I just decided to make splits out of it since I hadn't split with them yet this cycle. I worked with Elder Cruzit and we had a pretty good day! We dropped by one members house that had a referral to give to us and they also told us that Sister Weber (a teacher from the MTC) was coming back to Cauayan Mission the first week of May and going to visit them. They were super excited about that. After a few appointments we went back to where the interview was going to be. I've seen interviews be an hour long and I've seen interviews be like 6 minutes so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. The interview went well which was super nice for my first interview. Lasted about 15 minutes maybe. Always nice to get the first one over with. I think the next ones will be a lot easier now. 
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were normal days of work. Didn't go the best either. We got a referral that sounded promising. It was a family that had been waiting to listen to the missionaries for over a month. Would have been nice if we would have gotten the referral a month ago huh? Well we went to go contact them the day we worked in that area and they weren't there. We'll probably go back there tomorrow so hopefully they will be there. The people that we were able to teach this last week wasn't anybody new. Nobody we teach wants to progress. It feels like people will just listen to you because they don't want to say no. It seems like that with less actives and investigators. So normally that would mean find new investigators right? Well we find new investigators then they only want to listen to the first couple because they don't want to say no then they give you an excuse to stop listening. I think almost a month now it has felt like that here in this area. But also it seems like it's almost always like that here. I don't know if I said this before but even the members know. They always ask us how the work is and before they even let us answer they say "There's no progress right? Difficult here in San Pedro. There's always nobody progressing." So it's like the members already know what it's like but they still don't want to help at all. But when it comes to stuff like that you can really just worry about yourself and try and kill the work and get some success. We keep praying for it and hope it comes soon. 
Saturday morning we had a service over in the ZL's area. We did more weeding but it wasn't as bad as the last one with the chili plants. Having a service assignment is always fun to switch up the week a little bit. Finished the service around 11 so we thought we'd hit lunch real quick with Elder Frank before he left. Just some of the Elders that we are close with. I heard a lot about Elder Frank when I was in Bambang and I finally got to meet him when I came here to Roxas. I had a good couple cycles with him and it was cool to say bye. 
This week went by super fast even though we didn't get the success we wanted with the work. Hope everyone has a great week this week! Love you all!
Love Elder Haacke

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