Philippines Cauayan Mission

Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, December 22, 2014

A New Companion

Pretty busy week this week getting close to Christmas! Doesn't really feel like Christmas at all. I can't believe it is here already. Biggest news of the week is I got a new companion! His name is Elder Taumalolo from New Zealand. He only has one more cycle after this one until he goes home. He's so awesome. We have a lot of fun together but when it is time to work he works hard. I'm really excited for this cycle!
Tuesday- We went around to different people for Elder Zabala to say bye to and he finished packing. We had a lunch appointment with the zone leaders in their area and they made potato salad! It was so good! They also spake pretty much fluent English so it was really easy to talk to them. Later that night we had our usual dinner appointment at the Plucena's house. We always eat the same thing there every week but it's okay because it's pretty good. 
Wednesday- We got picked up in the morning and went to Solano which is the transfer point for the missionaries down south. All the transferring missionaries continued up to Cauayan and the others stayed in Solano to wait until the new companions got there. We had to wait for a long time so we went to McDonald's then walked around Solano for a while. We went back to the church and still had a long time to wait. One elder brought Uno with him so we played a couple rounds. We had a ton of fun and then right when we finished the second round the missionaries got there. I went and met my new companion and then came back to Bambang. As soon as we got here we went out and walked the part of the area that was close by. He saw a lot of people he new before. About a year ago he was assigned in Bambang zone but over the hill from where we are now. He went on splits just once here in this area and everybody still remembers him from that.
Thursday- Just a usual day. Went out to work in the furthest part of the area. Everybody said either no, next time, or they just weren't there. We ended up doing some finding since none of the people we planned for worked out. After a long day of work we had dinner at the Peralta's house again. We ate a lot there then went back home for the night.
Friday- We had the Chrismas zone conference so we had to go all the way back to Santiago which is like 3 hours in the van. Christmas party was a lot of fun though. We listened to President and Sister Rahlf first. They always do an awesome job teaching. Then we ate lunch and after lunch was time for skits. As zones, we were given a bag of a lot of different things in it and we had to use them in a skit. We had half an hour to work on a skit. My zone acted out the Christmas Carol with Scrooge and Tiny Tim and all that. It was super funny and a real good time watching the other zones perform their skits too. Then to finish the meeting we had a testimony meeting and then came back to Bambang.
Saturday- Another good day today. Went to the other part of the area and worked there for a while. Branch 2 had their Christmas party but we thought we would join them in the celebration even though we are the missionaries in branch 1. They roasted a pig for dinner which was amazing. The skits that they did were also really funny. Overall it was an awesome day!
Sunday- Kind of disappointing at church. We didn't have any investigators there but one new less active came. Pretty cool because she told us to go away and shut the door on us just two weeks ago. Tried to visit them that night but every time we stopped by their house no one was there. 
Pretty good week again. We didn't get as many lessons as we have in the past but we found 5 less actives just by tracting and they were excited when we started talking to them. Also on Sunday we were out walking and, jokingly, I said lets go OYM that house over there. It was a really nice house that I have walked by quite a bit. Next thing I knew Elder Taumalolo starts walking over there and we "Tao po" the door. A guy comes to the door and invited us inside. We told him about the church and shared a Christmas message about Jesus Christ. We asked if we could come back and he said yes. Pretty excited to go back this week and start teaching him and his family.
Everything is going well here and I hope everyone is doing great back home! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and I'll talk to you next week!
Love Elder Haacke

Picture with an active family. They are a lot of fun to go visit sometimes. It's the Chikino family. One of my favorite families here in Bambang. Also you can see my new companion in the picture.
 Picture of me and Elder Zabala.

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